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Today while trail running West Ridge trail saw red diamondback rattlesnake. While was shooting photos with my pocket size telephoto camera it went to bushes. As told 2 hikers “might want to step away from the edge. I just saw a rattlesnake go into the bushes” As soon as I said that I said “oh !!!! it’s right there” It was coming out of the bushes and I almost stepped on it. The photo of it in the shade can see almost can’t see it. As I continued to shoot photos people with dogs at least 4 times had them near the edge. I stayed until got it to go further off the trail. Not here to brag. I do kindly ask please be cautious of edge of trails at all times. Especially with your kids and pets who tend to explore a lot. Remember these close up photos weren’t shot with a cell phone. Please don’t try to get close ups with your cell phone.